About Us

GreenWize Energy Limited is an innovative clean-tech enterprise based in Sub Saharan Africa.  GreenWize helps customers to introduce innovative green energy products and sustainability solutions.


GreenWize Energy Limited is an innovative and fast growing for profit energy social enterprise based in Sub Saharan Africa. It was founded by Kenyan Engineers, Evans and Edwin.

GreenWize’s team has a passion to promote African designed solutions that help in enabling Just Transition to Clean Energy and hence help in fighting climate change.

Our Vision

GreenWize Energy Ltd has a vision to be known for excellence as well as a pioneer in sustainable energy and green solutions in the world.

Evans & Edwin / Co Founders, GreenWize Energy

Our Mission

Our mission is to create innovative African designed renewable energy products and solutions that improve lives, reduce climate change, improve energy efficiency, and reduce dependence on fossil fuels while yielding health, environmental and economic improvements. We are dedicated to being industry leaders in innovation, technology and customer service.